You Can Make Award-Winning Homebrew at Home

" deep and suck out all the marrow of life..."    then wash it all down with a homebrew!       (Henry David Thoreau and Mob Barley)

Do you want to learn how to make beer? Do you want to learn how to make really great, award-winning beer? Then you have come to the right place. Whether you are new to homebrewing and just want some basic information, or you are an seasoned homebrewer looking for advanced topics in brewing science, you will find all that and more right here.

There is a lot of information on this website about the the equipment, supplies and ingredients you will need, as well as the basics on how to brew your first beer the right way. For those just beginning, don't worry, every homebrewer started right where you are, with hopes of brewing really great beer at home. You will find page after page of information to help you make great beer on your first batch. Before you buy a kit and brew your first batch, spend a little time researching the basics and it will pay huge dividends in the quality of your beer. By applying what you learn here, you will avoid many of the mistakes most homebrewers make and some are still making.

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For those who are already brewing great beer, there are many articles on brewing science for the advanced brewer too. These range from adjusting your brewing water, evaluating your beer, to building your own RIMS brewing system. You'll find information on temperature control, fermentability of your wort, basic and advanced topics on kegging, a really good section on troubleshooting... you name it, it's all here. I try to find the best sources of information on the internet, brewing literature, and my own brewing experience and compile all that information in one spot. I know it's a hassle not knowing where to look for the right answers. That was the goal in writing this website, to bring all the technical information about brewing and present it to you in a condensed form that is easy to digest.

I've been brewing since 2005 and making wine since 1988 and I've been lucky enough to have won some national awards along the way. I've read just about every book on brewing science, and I'm constantly looking to add new ideas as well as advanced brewing topics that will be of interest to all homebrewers.

Home brewing your own beer is rewarding on so many levels. What other hobby allows you to use math, chemistry and biology to make something you are passionate about, beer, and have fun while doing it? Before long, crafting your own beer will become an all-consuming passion, just like it has for me and most others in the hobby.

So, for the beginner wanting to brew award-winning beer at home for the first time, or the seasoned homebrewer looking for answers to some nagging questions about his techniques or processes, you can find the answers in Winning

Take a look at my beer interviews with craft beer celebrities.  My latest beer interview is with Michael Tonsmeire, The Mad Fermentationist and author of American Sour Beers.

I've finished building my RIMS (Recirculating Infusion Mash System) brewing system. I wrote about each step in the process and compiled the information into the DIY section of this website. Not only will you find the links to where I purchased my equipment, I'll tell you all about the problems I faced, the lessons I learned, and the solutions I came up with along the way. Click on the DIY button on the navigation bar, or you can go directly to the first page of My RIMS Build by Clicking Here.


If you need a little inspiration about homebrewing, check out this video...

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