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" deep and suck out all the marrow of life..."    then wash it all down with a homebrew!       (Henry David Thoreau and Mob Barley)

Do you want to learn how to make beer? Do you want to learn how to make really great, award-winning beer? Then you have come to the right place. Whether you are new to homebrewing and just want some basic information, or you are an seasoned homebrewer looking for advanced topics in brewing science, you will find all that and more right here.

There is a lot of information on this website about the the equipment, supplies and ingredients you will need, as well as the basics on how to brew your first beer the right way. For those just beginning, don't worry, every homebrewer started right where you are, with hopes of brewing really great beer at home. You will find page after page of information to help you make great beer on your first batch. Before you buy a kit and brew your first batch, spend a little time researching the basics and it will pay huge dividends in the quality of your beer. By applying what you learn here, you will avoid many of the mistakes most homebrewers make and some are still making.

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For those who are already brewing great beer, there are many articles for the advanced brewer too. These range from adjusting your brewing water to building your own RIMS brewing system. You'll find information on temperature control, fermentability of your wort, basic and advanced topics on kegging, a really good section on troubleshooting... you name it, it's all here. I try to find the best sources of information on the internet and in brewing literature and compile all that information in one spot. I know it's a hassle having to go through all those sources looking for the right answers. That was the goal in writing this website, to bring all the technical information about brewing and present them to you in a condensed form that is easy to digest.

I've been brewing for a few years now and have been lucky enough to have won some national awards. I've read just about every book on brewing and I'm constantly looking to add new ideas as well as advanced brewing topics that may be difficult to locate for the average homebrewer.

Home brewing your own beer is rewarding on so many levels. What other hobby allows you to use math, chemistry and biology to make something you are passionate about, beer, and have fun while doing it? Before long, hand-crafting your own beer will become an all-consuming passion, just like it has for me.

So, for the beginner wanting to brew award-winning beer at home for the first time, or the seasoned homebrewer looking for answers to some nagging questions about his techniques or processes, you can find the answers in Winning

I've just finished building my RIMS (Recirculating Infusion Mash System) brewing system. I wrote about each step in the process and compiled the information into the DIY section of this website. Not only will you find the links to where I purchased my equipment, I'll tell you all about the problems I faced, the lessons I learned, and the solutions I came up with along the way. Click on the DIY button on the nav bar at left, or you can go directly to the first page of My RIMS Build by Clicking Here.


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If you need a little inspiration about homebrewing, check out this video...

NOTES: 1. I've just started revising some of the page names on my site to make them more acceptable to Google so they will show up more often in homebrewer's searches. For instance, I changed the name of the page entitled : Astringency to Beer Astringency. This just makes more sense and will hopefully show up quicker when doing a search. I apologize if you have linked to the previous page as those links will no longer work as the name of the page has changed. Please go back and re-link to that page if you can. Many thanks for your understanding.

2. I've become an affiliate for, one of my favorite online homebrew supply stores. Many of the bold underlined links go to products on the website. By hovering your mouse over the link you will be able to see where the link goes. All these links open in another window to the website. If you are thinking of purchasing any of your homebrew supplies online, I highly recommend Not only do they offer great products and customer service, they sponsor The Brewing Network which helps countless homebrewers improve their brewing skills. Plese click on the links and buy something. I get a small commission that I use to keep the website going. Cheers!!

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Here are the main pages with a brief description of what's on each page. Many more topics covering many aspects of homebrewing award-winning beer are found in links on each of the main pages.

Mob Barley's Homebrew Blog
Mob Barley's Homebrew Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the website. Subscribe Here.
Homebrew Systems, Which One Is Right For You
Homebrew systems come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. The set-ups include everything from your kitchen pots to a fully automated brewing sculpture. Check out this page to learn more.
Brewing Knowledge - Everything You Need to Know
Brewing Knowledge - everything you need to know to make award-winning homebrew.
How To Make Beer, A Homebrewer's Guide to Brewing Procedures
How to make beer, not just beer but great award-winning beer. If you would like some insight on the procedures involved, check out this page.
Some of my DIY Projects
DIY projects will go here as I can gather pictures
Make Award Winning Mead
Making mead is just like wine making, but not. Follow along and I'll show you how to make award winning mead.
Evaluating Beer: Tasting and Judging For Style
Develop your skills of evaluating beer's characteristics such as appearance, aroma, flavor, and mouthfeel to determine if it is a good example of a particular beer style.
Brewing Terms - A Glossary of Brewing Related Definitions
Brewing terms intended for anyone interested in brewing science.
BJCP Styles - A Study Guide
This section (work in progress) is written to help learn the BJCP Styles. There are many reasons to learn the styles, the BJCP exam being just one. Learning them will also make you a better brewer.
Brewing Classic Styles Recipe Database
Finally, a beer recipe database for the book, Brewing Classic Styles by Jamil Zainasheff and John J. Palmer. Download the spreadsheet now.
Homebrew Testing - What You Need To Know.
Testing as you brew should be part of your brewing process. Start analyzing key aspects and you will begin to make better beer and become a better brewer.
Homebrew Kegging Explained
Eventually all homebrewers contemplate kegging their home brewed beers. Here is everything you ever wanted to know.
Order Beer and Beer Related Items Here
This page is for ordering beer and fun beer related items. Check back often for new or updated stuff.
Beer Labels
Beer labels are your way of adding more interest to your homebrewed beer. Some bigger breweries even believe that a crazy name and wild label will even make the beer taste better. You be the judge.
Join Your Local Homebrew Club
Join your local homebrew club for help with your brewing. Just beginning, there are a lot of great homebrewers ready and willing to help you get started.
Brewing Books You Should Own
Here is a list of brewing books you should own.
Homebrew Competitions
For many homebrewers, homebrew competitions are a way to get great feedback on their beers. They can be frustrating at times but overall it is worth the effort of entering.
Beer Quotes
Humorous Liquor and Beer Quotes From Around the World
Beer and Food, Who Needs Wine Anyway?
Great cooks and bbq lovers have always paired beer and food. It's beginning to get a lot of attention with beer enthusiasts and equiurians alike.
If I Can Build a Website, So Can You
I'm building my website on my spare time. It's a piece of cake.
About Me
This is just a little information about me, the author of the website:
Contact Me
Contact Me
Interviews with Beer Celebreties
Check out these interviews with beer celebrities.
Brewing Links
Here is a list of my favorite homebrewing links. Check out these sites and you'll be glad you did.
The Picobrew Zymatic
The Picobrew Zymatic is the world's first fully automatic all-grain beer brewing machine.
Mob Barley's Home Brewery
This is Mob Barley's home brewery. This is where I keep my brewing equipment, grains, coolers for fermentation and for serving kegs.

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