DIY Project - CO2 Blow Gun

This CO2 Blow Gun is an easy to make project. Purchase any blow gun set from a hardware store like Lowes (where I got mine), Home Depot, Ace Hardware, etc. The next fitting to buy is a 1/4" MIP by 1/4" MFL brass fitting, again, purchase it at any hardware store. And that's it. Put the 1/4" MIP fitting into the end of the Blow Gun. Remove the gas connector from one hose on your CO2 regulator. Turn on the air and use the blow gun to displace oxygen above your beer, mead, or wine in a carboy. Or, on low pressure, use it to displace CO2 in bottles, etc. I use it to keep a layer of CO2 on top of my meads. Here are a few pics:

Build a CO2 "Blow Gun" on PhotoPeach

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