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The PicoBrew Zymatic was created by homebrewers, for homebrewers.  It allows for efficient and accurate home-brewing, without all of the clean-up. The first of its kind, the PicoBrew Zymatic ® is a fully automated, all-grain, homebrewing appliance that allows the user to brew top quality craft beer across a limitless array of styles at the push of a button.  There are numerous reasons why we love this new all grain brewery, but we recognize it may not be for everyone. We've found that the Zymatic really shines if:

  • You're wanting extreme repeatability.  The unit can remember individual batches, and if you want to replicate one, its as easy as loading up the same ingredients and selecting that brew.  Not only great for repeating amazing homebrew, this is sure to become an essential pilot system for breweries across the world.
  • You want to brew all grain, but are restricted on space.  This unit is extremely compact, making space almost a non-factor when compared to traditional all grain setups.  Our first trial brew on these units took place on one of our desks during a work day!
  • Time is an issue.  Set up and clean up are much quicker and easier, and since the Zymatic is completely automated, you don't need to be there to monitor temperatures, open valves, turn on burners, etc.

The machine can brew up to 2.5 gallons of wort across a wide range of brewing styles.  Depending on the grain load, style and mill, and the mash schedule, you get 70- 90% brewing efficiencies with the Zymatic®.  Our recipes work great on the PicoBrew, however since they're sized for 5.5 gallons, you'll be able to brew twice!


  • Brews all beer BJCP styles in an average of 4 hours
  • Recipe library with over 40 award-winning recipes
  • Internet connected via Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • Powerful, predictive, custom recipe creation software
  • Easy to clean with dishwasher safe components
  • All-grain and mini-mash brewing.
  • Brews up to 1.090 gravity beers without adjuncts
  • Supports 4 different timed hops additions
  • 1500W heating element
  • Power required: 120 v
  • Produces 2.5G finished beer batches


Picobrew's Zymatic showing grain.
Picobrew Zymatic
Picobrew Zymatic

Brewing Process for the PicoBrew Zymatic

  1. Choose a recipe: Create (or borrow) a recipe, then select the recipe to brew by using the selector knob on the front panel of your PicoBrew Zymatic®.
  2. Fill your keg: Fill a 5 gal Cornelius keg with water and attach the hoses on the side of your Picobrew Zymatic to the keg posts.
  3. Add your grain and hops: Add your grain to the main compartment of the step filter and add hops (per the recipe) into the appropriate hop cages that insert into the step filter.  Slide the step filter into the machine and you’re all ready to brew!
  4. Brew: As your Zymatic® begins mashing you can watch the progress of your brew via your Pico Brew account from your PC, tablet, or phone.  In about 3 and ½ hours your keg will contain beer wort (unfermented beer).
  5. Add yeast and ferment: Detach the keg from the machine by removing the hoses from the keg posts, and chill the keg to the necessary pitching temperature.  Pitch yeast and then seal the keg with an air-lock keg lid.  Your beer will ferment in the keg you brewed it in within 5 days to 2 weeks.
  6. Transfer: Depending on your desired serving method, take your finished beer and bottle it or place it in a kegerator to keep it chilled.
  7. Enjoy: Drink up!

PicoBrew Software

With a web-based recipe crafter and Wi-Fi/Ethernet connectivity, creating a recipe and beginning the brewing process is a cinch. The highly customizable recipe crafter with its predictive calculations allows for ease of recipe creation for specific IBU and OG benchmarks.

Includes: 120 v PicoBrew Zymatic® machine, step filter with hop cages and filter beds, ball lock connection hoses, 5 gal new Ball Lock Cornelius keg w/ shortened dip tube. 

Unit Dimensions: 20.5 x 14.5 x 17 inches.  50 lb unit weight. 

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