Stir Plate With Silicone Hot Pad

When making my starters, I noticed that they were getting pretty hot sitting on my stir plate. Plus, they would vibrate toward the edge from the stirring action. The solution I came up with was to use one of my silicone hot pads on top of the stir plate. They are heat resistant to 675°F (357°C), provide a great skid resistant surface to keep the starter in place, and the raised dots allow air to flow under the flask to keep it cool. The silicone hot pad doesn't interfere at all with the magnetic action of the stir plate, and can be cut to size. All in all a pretty simple solution to my problem.

These Hot Spot™ brand silicone hot pads/trivets are a very high quality product. I used to sell them at my Outdoor Living store in the BBQ section. They worded great for picking up hot pots of sauce, moving hot grates, etc. For those of you that don't know where to buy a silicone hot pad and you'd like a simple solution to your starters sliding and getting too hot on your stir plate, click the add to the left. I keep several around for trivets and hot pads in the kitchen.

Here are some pics of mine in operation:

Silicone Hot Pad on Stir Plate on PhotoPeach

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