Dry Hopping Techniques

Hops in a Pint Glass

Some Tips for Dry Hopping Success:

 Before dry hopping in the secondary, rack off the trub in the primary to remove as much yeast mass as possible.

  • Try to keep your beer as cool as possible while dry hopping. In the low to mid 60's °F (16-20°C) is best.
  • Since we are now past the aerobic phase of fermentation, make sure to minimize the amount of oxidation to your beer. I like to put a layer of CO2 over the surface of my beers when doing any type of manipulation after the primary. And dry hopping definitely falls under the "manipulation" definition. We are not trying to keep oxygen from the beer per se, as much as we are trying to keep oxygen away from the hops. We definitely don't want to oxidize the hop compounds here. Better safe than sorry.
  • Just like you would before you rack from secondary to a serving keg, crash the vessel you are dry hopping in down to between 32-36° F (0°-2°C) to drop the hop mass and get as clear of a beer as possible.
  • You will get better extraction if you can stir the beer (without adding oxygen) to keep the hops in contact with more of the beer in your vessel.
  • To reduce the hop mass, you may want to use a hops bag, especially if you are dry-hopping with pellet hops.

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