Hops Bag Sealer - Thermal Sealer for "Left-Over" Hops

Here is a gadget I have used since I started homebrewing. It is a hops bag sealer. I haven't heard of anyone else using one, so I think it would make a nice DIY page.

You can buy them online for about $12. They are made to seal leftovers such as chips etc. Here is the product description: NEW! Battery Operated! Take it anywhere! Seal in the fresh flavors, textures, and nutrients of leftovers instantly in the original bag when... You're camping Out on a boat After a picnic or cookout At the beach Locks in freshness with patented micro-thermal technology, so even liquids won't leak! Uses 2 AA batteries - not included.

Euro Sealer Battery Operated

It has worked great for me. I just keep it on the fridge until I'm ready to use it. Squeeze out the air in your hops, and slowly run the sealer on the un-labeled side. The thermal sealer seals all of the hops bags that I have run into. In case you don't want to go all around town looking for one, click the link at left to get one on Amazon.com.

Check out the slide show for some pics I took today:

Hops Bag Sealer on PhotoPeach

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