You Can Make Award-Winning Homebrew and Mead at Home

" deep and suck out all the marrow of life... 'then wash it down with a homebrew!'"       (Henry David Thoreau and Mob Barley)

Do you want to learn how to brew beer at home? Do you want to learn how to brew really great, award-winning beer?  Then read on...

Homebrewing is a great hobby to get into if you love beer.  Most home brewers can find recipes for just about any commercial beer on the market, plus many that aren't sold in the U.S. 

Given the fact that we can use ingredients that the commercial brewer won’t use because of economy, (malts, hops, yeast, and adjuncts) we homebrewers can often make better beer than we can buy.

The hobby may seem daunting at first, but fear not, everything you need to know about how to brew award winning beer at home is right here.

If you keep coming back to with all of your brewing research, you will never brew CRAPPY BEER again!

Beginners will learn:

Advanced brewers will find lots of technical information in brewing science that will help them take their brewing to the next level...maybe pro! 

I've recently built a BJCP Beer Style Chart with lots of great information.  Download yours for free.

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Homebrewing is a hobby that starts out as a fun thing to try, but soon becomes an all-consuming lifestyle.  That’s why I wrote this website.  I wanted to learn everything I could about brewing beer and mead at home and become a master brewer. 

In the process of building the site, and brewing lots of homebrew recipes, I now feel I can brew anything and control the outcome.  I can brew a recipe, send it off to a competition, take the score sheets with the judge’s feedback, and tweak the recipe to make a better beer the next time.  You never stop learning and you will learn something every time you brew. 

Many homebew experiments still need to be done by homebrewers to answer some of the questions we all have, and some we haven't thought of yet. If you love great beer, then welcome to the hobby.  Most professional brewers started as homebrewers and are now living their dream, brewing great beer for a living.

So whatever your goals, I hope you will enjoy homebrewing as much as I have and I hope you find Winning-Homebrew a useful tool that you return to time and time again with your home brewing questions and comments. 

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