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I'm from Texas, arguably the best BBQ destination in the world.  I know this is a debatable topic, but there is plenty of evidence to back up my statement.  I BBQ at least twice a week, on every holiday, most weekends; on pretty much any day that ends in a "y".  At one time I had an outdoor living store in which I sold BBQ pits, rubs, sauces, and equipment.  I did a lot of research on what rubs I wanted to sell.  What I found was that the best rubs on the planet are made by Obie Obermark in Lancaster, TX.  I've been using his bbq rubs for 15 years now.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret of mine.  If you want to make the best grilled steak you have ever tasted in your life, use Steakmaker by Obie-Cue's Texas Spice.  It was the 1995 Best Rub on the Planet chosen at The American Royal in Kansas City.  It has Lemon, Worchestershire, Garlic and Black Pepper that lead the chorus of flavors that brings zing to steaks, burgers, fish, shrimp, veggies, mushrooms, gravies, and dips. It is a perennial prizewinner. 

This has been my "BBQ Secret" for a long time and it wasn't easy giving this up.  But or visitors to my website, here you go.  You can thank me later on the comments.

Now, a few notes on pairing beer and bbq.  Almost everyone loves to cook burgers on the grill.  Not everyone really knows what kind of beer to pair with a burger.  A burger has almost all of the established basic tastes: salty (from the meat when spices are added), sour (from the pickles), sweetness (from the ketchup and tomato), and umami (from the savoriness of the meat and cheese).  The only component it is missing is bitterness.  You can put arugula on the burger to satisfy the bitterness aspect, but what about adding a bitter beer with the meal instead.  Of course, there are a lot of bitter American beers to choose.  IPA most often comes to mind when we think of bitterness and IPA's go well with a burger, cutting the through the fat.  Or, what about the roasty bitterness in a porter or stout.  These beers go well with a bbq burger as well. 

When it comes to steaks on the grill (seasoned with Obie-Cue's Steakmaker for sure), nothing goes better than a big bold stout or porter.  The roastiness from the dark malts cuts right through the savory, juicy umami of a great grilled steak. 

I'm going to send you to a great article that you will really enjoy about pairing bbq and beer.  It is called: The Ultimate Backyard BBQ Beer Pairing Cheat Sheet written by Mike Reis and published on serious EATS.  It is one of the best articles I've seen about pairing beer and bbq.

Now that you know my secret for the best steaks in the world, you need to try some of Obie's other great rubs.  You can't go wrong with any of them.  I really like the Sweet N' Heat for chicken and ribs. 

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