Hydro Flask Brand Growlers
and the True Pint

Hydro Flask 64 oz. Insulted Beer Growler64 oz. Beer Growler

I've been looking for a high quality growler to promote on this website for some time now.  I tried quite a few, including the Yeti Rambler.  Let's face it, when you get to the high-end, they all keep your beer cold and carbonated. 

What sets Hydro Flask apart from the other high-end competitors is its design excellence.  They won two Red Dot Design Awards for the growler and flex cap in 2016 (among their many other awards)...

The honeycomb insulation in the lid provides a radiant barrier that really locks in the temperature and the neck was designed for pouring your beer with one hand. 

You can just tell by handling it, it was engineered with tight tolerances and extremely high-quality materials. It just feels SOLID! 

I saw another review online where the guy dropped rocks on his Hydro Flask but could only scratch it.  He then ran over his Hydro Flask repeatedly with is car but and only put small scratches on it...until he finally used his truck and put the Hydro Flask on the driveway parallel to his tire, and it finally dented, on the second try...This guy was a determined reviewer...You will see for yourself when you hold one in your hands just how solidly they are made!

The Hydro Flask Growler was designed for Beer. It keeps your homebrew ice cold for a full 24 hours or longer, believe me on this. 

It's easy to carry and slim enough to put in your backpack.  The neck was designed for a perfect pour and the handle insures an ergonomic carry.   Just take a look at the video below...

The Hydro Flask True Pint

Hydro Flask True Pint16 oz. True Pint

As much as I love the growlers, I really love the 16 oz. True Pint thermally insulated pro-grade powder coated stainless steel "glass".  A lot of thought went into the design of the True Pint.  While the outside is powder coated to feel great in your hand and look great too, the very top is left uncoated for a really great beer drinking experience. 

Why purchase a high-end growler just to pour your beer into a jelly glass?  

I have tried these products and can vouch for everything I've said in this review.  I can't say enough about the quality, great looks, engineering, and toughness of these Hydro Flask Beer Products.

And what's more, their website is one of the coolest websites I've ever seen, and I teach web design classes at the university... If you have a choice, why not go with a company that is environmentally responsible and truly gives back?

Check out the video below to get an idea of just how cool the True Pint really is...

Want to know what else is cool about Hydro Flask products?  For one, they have a lifetime warranty.  But saving the best for last, if you look at the back of the label, you will see "5% Back".  They will donate 5% of the net proceeds from the sale of the products to a great cause of your choice...You just have to input your serial number at the link provided on the label. 

How cool is that...you get to choose your own charity for Hydro Flask to contribute to...

Of course, I'm now an affiliate after trying Hydro Flask's products, so I'll get a small commission if you click on one of the links and purchase a Beer Growler or True Pint, or any of the great products on the site.  It helps me pay the site hosting bills so I'm able to keep this website free for all to use, to help all homebrewers brew award winning homebrew.

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