I Scream-Chili Mead

by Bobby Don Johnson
(Meaux, LA)

I made a chili mead that was VERY hot. I entered it into a competition but the judges said they thought it was a good mead, but just couldn't get past the overpowering heat from the chili peppers. So, I made this label to commemorate the fact that my chili mead is now a chili mead marinade.

The label was made with The Print Shop v. 21. All graphics were already in the art gallery on the software. I pieced together graphics of the chili running with flames trailing and the outhouse, chose the name (which is a play on words for ice cream-used when you eat too many jalapenos to coat the stomach and intestines), and picked the font which looks like a horror movie title. This label won an editor's choice in Winemaker Magazine's 2008 label contest.

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