Tagliatelle with Brocolli and chicken

by Paul
(New Zealand)

Fresh pasta tagliatelle in a white bechemel sauce with cheese.
Add your garlic-sauteed brocolli along with very thinly sliced brocolli stems and thinly sliced chicken breast to the sauce.
Add a little cream or Crem fresh too.
Season well.
Lastly, add your cooked, drained el dente tagliatelle (freshly made by you ! ) and some freshly grated Parmesan.

I served this with my Light American Style Lager the other night and as always, was reminded of just what a great food/beer match Pasta and Lager really is.

My Lager recipe is All Grain:

Bohemian Pils malt
Perle Hops
Wyeast Danish Lager
Ferment cold @ 9 degrees C
Lager for 8 weeks at 2 degrees C.

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