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Cheers! Santé / A la votre! Prost! Å’kålè ma’luna! Sláinte! Salute / Cin Cin! 乾杯 Kanpai! Будем здоровы/ Hа здоровье! Salud! 干杯 gān bēi! Skål! будьмо! Saúde! Proost! Na zdravi! Наздраве! Kippis! ΥΓΕΙΑ! לחיים! Fenékig! 건배! Na zdrowie! Noroc/Sanatate! Sei gesund1! Iechyd da!

Do Beer Calories Cause "Beer Belly"?

Beer calories are getting a bad rap in the diet books. Using common sense will prevent the infamous

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Beer Quotes

Humorous Beer Quotes and "Normisms" (qoutes from Norm on Cheers) From Around the World

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Beer and Chocolate

Beer and chocolate gifts, tours, and pairings, perfect for the craft beer and chocolate aficionado in your life.

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Making Metheglins-Adding Spices To Meads

Metheglins are meads with added spices, herbs, or flowers. Learn all about making them here.

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Making Melomels - How to Make the Best Fruit Mead

The next evolution in your mead making will be adding fruit to make melomels. Melomels generally ferment faster and require less aging.

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Beer Flavor Descriptors

Here is a good list of beer flavor descriptors and descriptions to use when evaluating beer during competitions of just for fun.

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BJCP Beer Style Chart

Download your beer style chart in .pdf format for free.

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Hops Reference Page, Everything You Need to Know About Beer Hops

Hops profiles, substitutions, typical beer styles, and origin of the hops used by most homebrewers.

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The Starch Conversion Test for Mash Conversion

The starch conversion test is important in determining the endpoint of your mash. Everyone should be doing this test.

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Phenolic Flavors In Beer-How to Identify and Prevent Them

Most phenolic flavors and aromas in beer are produced by yeast. Other sources of phenolic flavors in beer include bacterial spoilage, chlorine, and tannin extraction from grains.

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How to Make Mead at Home

Making mead is just like wine making, but not. Follow along and I'll show you how to make award winning mead.

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Brewing Malts, Their Characteristics and Uses For The Homebrewer

Brewing Malts available to homebrewers, with tips and characteristics.

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