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work for yourself with your own websiteYour own website can mean your own independence!

Are you tired of working for a boss you don't like in a job you hate?  Why not work for yourself with your own website.  Online businesses are booming and online sales are only going to increase.  Think about how many times you search before making a purchase online.  Now, think about those same search results pointing to your website.  Thousands of visitors each month, and most are ready to buy.  They just need your hellp.  And how do you help them?  By solving a problem, answering a question, or providing a product or service they want.  It's that simple.  If you have something in your life that you are passionate about, your job, your hobby, or an interest you want to learn more about, you can build an online business around that passion and make a living with your own website.

Building your own website probably seems like a daunting proposition to most people.  With Solo Build It (SBI), it's really pretty easy.  To own your own website and work from home, all you need is an idea (or something you are passionate about), some motivation, and SBI! 

Write Your Own Website Material

If you can write a memo or an email, then you can write good content for your site.  Before I started building my website, I had never written a single thing, except in school.  But because I was writing about something I am passionate about, I had no problem coming up with things to write about.  Before I knew it, I had a website and was ranking well on Google search results for many of my articles.

Don't worry, before you publish any of your pages, SBI will use one of it's many tools to analyze the content and make suggestions as to what you may have done wrong, or could do better, to get your page to show up high on Google's search results for your topic.  After all, who wants to spend time building a website that no one sees?  Just so you know how well websites built with SBI! are doing, a recent survey shows that sites built using SBI! consistently get high traffic:

  • 62% of SBI sites rank within the top 3% most popular sites.
  • 53% rank within the most visited 2%.
  • 35% score in the top 1%.

So what does that mean to you?  It means that by choosing to build your website with SBI!, you will be way ahead of your competition.  There are millions and millions of websites on the internet that no one ever finds because they are buried so deep in Google's search results.  But rest assured, if you build your site with SBI!, and you follow the step-by-step guide, your site will get found and you will make money with your own ebook, a monthly subscription to your ezine, your services as an expert in your field or hobby, or links to an affiliate site that pays you for their sales. 

Do you have a Word Press site, or want one?  Click here to learn all about SBI!'s WP plugin.

You know, I could go on and on about SBI but I think that you could learn a lot more about it by clicking here.  I know that you've heard it all before, but I truly mean it when I say, "if I can do this, anyone can."  Check out SBI if you are even thinking of working from home or anywhere building a genuine business around something you love and care deeply about. I'm doing it and my guess is that you could too. 

Already made up your mind to try SBI!? Click here to place your order.

How about a 90 day Guarantee?  This basically makes it a risk-free trial. 

Still have questions?  Click here to get answers from the experts at SBI!

Disclaimer:  I get a small commission if you choose to use Solo Build It! as your Drag and Drop Website Builder.  It helps keep the website free for all visitors.

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